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Welcome to DA Polyshipping!

Dragon Age Polyshipping was created as a way to celebrate polaymorous shipping within the Dragon Age fandom, in all its forms. The account started in Jan 2021 as dapolyshippingday on tumblr, with the intention of hosting a monthly event on tumblr on the first of each month. In July 2021, we began running Dragon Age Poly Exchange, a yearly fan exchange hosted on Archive of Our Own. With the introduction of the exchange, the mods decided to update the tumblr username to dapolyshipping.

In 2022, the monthly DA Polyshipping Day event was altered to a quarterly DA Polyshipping Week. The next year brought another change for the event, with the mods choosing to boost Dragon Age polyamorous content all year long! You can tag the @dapolyshipping tumblr at any time to have your polyamory content reblogged.For more information on our reblogging policies, see the "Poly Sharing" section of the site!