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Dragon Age Polyshipping

Dragon Age Polyshipping was created as a way to celebrate polaymorous shipping within the Dragon Age fandom, in all its forms. The account started in Jan 2021 as dapolyshippingday on tumblr, with the intention of hosting a monthly event on tumblr on the first of each month. In July 2021, the mods introduced the Dragon Age Poly Exchange, a yearly fan exchange hosted on Archive of Our Own. This website exists as a source for information and resources for Dragon Age fans who want to participate in the events.

Starting in 2022, the events have been updated to a quarterly DA Polyshipping Week and an annual DA Poly Exchange.


DA Polyshipping Week
Taking place from the 15th-22nd of March, June, September, and December, participants are encouraged to post or reblog Dragon Age polyshipping content they want to have featured on the Dragon Age Polyshipping blog. For info on how to get your content reblogged, what content we accept, and more, please read the info here or check out the FAQs. For other important links, please click on the event name.

Dragon Age Poly Exchange
The second annual Dragon Age Poly Exchange tentatively scheduled for Sept-Nov 2022. Open to fanartists and fanwriters who want to showcase healthy polyamory of all types. For past exchanges, check out the AO3 Parent Collection and the pinned post on tumblr. For other important information please click on the event name.

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